Dawson Wines

Dawson Wines is a 21-hectare vineyard set on a picturesque 80-hectare property in the Margaret River wine region of Western Australia. The vineyard was initially planted in 1999 with the renowned Haughton’s Cabernet Sauvignon clone, in addition to Shiraz, Merlot, Chardonnay and Semillon vines.

They follow and fully support sustainable viticulture; they believe their programs to support soil health will in turn support vine health and result in balanced, robust, flavourful wines. They are enrolled in the Entwine viticultural system programme.

The property is nestled 9 km south of Geographe Bay, 6 km east of the Indian Ocean and 68 km north of the Southern Ocean. This maritime influence affects their property because of their proximity to Geographe Bay and the Indian Ocean, leading to cooling night temperatures. And their northern aspect leads to warmer day temperatures.

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